Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This weeks Torah portion is Genesis 47:28 - 50:26 - Vayechi - "And he lived". It could also be subtitled "How to Die Successfully". We start out in Gen 47:28-31 with Ya'acov asking Yosef to take him back to the land of his ancestors when he dies. He makes Yosef swear to it even though Yosef had said he would do this. Why did he make him swear it? The answer is in Gen 50:6.

Yosef brings his sons to Ya'acov and Ya'acov adopts them as his own. Thus he gives Yosef a double portion of the inheritance.

Then he calls all his sons to him and gives a blessing over each of them. These blessings are very prophetic and we will discuss them at length during the class. The blessings over Y'hudah and Efrayim are especially prophetic for today.

We will also discuss what is meant when Israel blesses their sons by saying "May you be like Efrayim and M'nasheh". What does it mean to you?

How did each of the tribes live up to their blessing? Some had already done things that caused the blessing that they received.

The leadership of the family should have gone to the firstborn, but instead was given to the fourth born. In this lesson we will see why.

There is a lot to talk abut in the Torah portion and too much to post on this blog. This gives a general idea of where I will be going with the lesson.

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