Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ki Tisa (Ex. 30:11-34:35)

Read Exodus 30:11-16
In these verses we see YHVH commanding Moshe not only to take a census but also receive an offering of a half a shekel from everyone 20 years old and upward. Verse 15 makes it clear that everyone both rich and poor was to pay a half a shekel; which was about 1/5 of an ounce of silver. Verse 16 YHVH commanded Moshe to use the "atonement" money for the service of the Mishkan(Tabernacle). It is possible that some of the money was used to buy the spices from surrounding nations to be used for the incense that was to be burned in the Tabernacle(Jer.6:20) In Ex 30:15-16 the word atonement was used three times regarding the offering of giving the half shekel of silver. I don't think this was an atonement for sin but possibly an atonement offering for the paganism and idolatry that can so easily slip in. We see how this can happen in Exodus 32 with the golden calf incident. They quickly forgot how YHVH brought them out of paganism to worship Him the way He instructed them. They were worshiping the way Egypt worshiped their idols and called it a feast to YHVH.(Ex 32 verses 5-6)
In the Brit Chadasha in 2nd Corinthians Rav Shaul made the plea to the people of Corinth to come out of paganism and touch not the unclean thing which the unclean thing is idol worship. Read 2 Cor. 6:16-18 This is the same call to come out of Babylon "Idol worship" in Jer 51:44-45 and in Is 52:11
We all need to remember that by the atoning death of Yeshua He cleansed us from our idols and we should separate ourselves from all forms of idolatry and false teaching that doesn't line up with the Torah of YHVH.

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