Thursday, October 6, 2011

The last words Moshe spoke to the children of Israel just before crossing over the Jordan and possessing the land was a reiteration of the last 40 years and the mighty deeds HaShem had done in their fathers lives as well as their own. The Lord composed song which indeed was very prophetic of what was to come, which Moshe taught to Israel just before he died. He last commandment is laid out here in Deu 32: 46-48. Here Moshe stresses the importance to keep a life of Torah, to observe that which was written and they had swore to keep. As he said " Set your hearts unto all the words which I testify among you this day, which ye shall command your children to observe to do, all the words of this law" the key phrase here is "set your hearts".

This brings right back to what Yeshua said was the most important commandment in the Torah, Shema Yisrael, to hear and obey. How does one set his heart to something?, simply put is what we spend the most time thinking about, dreaming about talking about. Setting one's heart in Torah requires an effort not just a visit on Saturday to the local synagogue or Sunday to church. The effort is the struggle of the mind and spirit battling for ones attention, setting the heart is taking captive the mind and overpowering with Holy Spirit and perseverance by keeping, reading and meditating Torah. The concept of obedience is just exactly that the constant struggle of self will to do what is right, not the western Greek philosophical mind set. It is also to uphold and protect that which was commanded, not because you must do but because you believe that which was commanded and you support the idea with your actions. To do without belief in ones actions is not obedience but rather hypocrisy.

Moshe said to the children of Israel and to us, it is not a vain thing to do, there is life in this action. Keeping Torah was to bring and it brings long life in the land of Israel. Here already is warning the Israelites that their possession was tied to the Torah and obedience to it. To this day we see that to be the case, the more secular the current state of Israel becomes the more land it tends to give up for the sake of false security, just like Solomon did.

Immediately after these words spoken to Moshe, he was instructed to go up to the top of Mt Nebo, and he was shown the land and the inheritance but was not allowed due to his transgression against HaSem, this teaches us a very important lesson, every action has consequences, therefore if we depart from Torah, there will be consequences as not keeping Torah we are transgressing against HaShem. One interesting thing about this whole scenario, is that Moshe reminds the children of Israel before they are to cross over of all the miracles and wonders that were done in order for them to posses the land, Deu 34:11-12, however even with all those signs and wonders the people still rebelled against HaShem.

Many seek after signs and wonders, but the reality is that not even if these occurs would convince and convict people of the existence of HaSem. If the generation that was redeemed from Egypt, was not capable of staying faithful to HaShem with the visual presence of HAshem in the form of the pillar of smoke and Fire and the parting of the reed sea, and all the plagues and the water out the rock, what chance does our generation has of being faithful through signs and wonders.

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