Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Va'era - וארא : "And I appeared"

Ex.6:2-9:35 Ez.28:25-29:21 Mr.4:1-6:6

This parasha seems to have a content quirk in that the first few verses YHVH introduces himself to Moses, as if for the first time, however we know that He first appeared to Moses in the mountain, within a burning bush that it was not consume. In verse 6:6-8 of Shemot there are some promises, firstly, that their bondage is about to end by His mighty hand and secondly, that the land promised to their fathers is coming their way. All seems so rosy, the Elohim of their fathers has finally remembered them and is now willing to come and rescue them, from the intolerable situation they are in.

However you would think that the response was going to be somewhat, cheerful and of relief, at long last someone is thinking of us, kind of response. This, was not the case the children of Israel were so tunnel vision that they rejected the words of Moses which was the word of YHVH, Shemot 6:9, their burden would not let them see beyond the current situation. The anguish of spirit can some times preclude us from seen our reality in Hashem and Torah, and only perceive that which claws into our natural surrounding and causes it to stale our growth and prevents us from defeating that which causes the anguish. That anguish of spirit is the cause of many spiritual and physical poverty in our lives, we become like a horse with blinkers on, not able to see left nor right.

Fortunately for us, even when we give up, if it is YHVH's heart to deliver us, who is going to stand in the way of His rescue. Furthermore as we progress in the reading in Shemot we find that when YHVH makes a promise, He will keep it, and as such He acted and talked to Moses and Aaron regarding what they needed to say and do. However even though Moses had seen and experienced a monumental encounter with YHVH, in the burning bush he continues to put forward excuses like “uncircumcised of lips” his imperfection in his own eyes, were a weakness yet in the hand of Elohim it was far from a weakness, but rather a strength that was not a match for Pharaohs magicians.

The very first miracle was by the waters where Pharaoh came to the water early in the morning. It is said that this is because he had trained himself to only relieve himself once a day by the river, since he was considered a god he could not have human failings, as mortals do. Although it looked that the magicians were going to match miracle for miracle by the third plague of the lice they were out, they could not, further more when the boils arrived they could not be in Moses presence. One of the things that reassures me, that I serve a living and merciful God, is that I see that even when the Egyptians deserved the treatment they were getting, He was merciful to the point where he warn them at every step, in Shemot 9:19-21, He specifically warned them of the consequences of being outdoors when the hail arrived. Those that listened were spared those that did not payed the consequences i.e. payed with their life or loss of property. This is teaching us in our own days, that what we do has consequences, before we were grafted into the body of Messiah and hence Israel, and more so as members of the body of Messiah, as His bride, we ought to be in unity of spirit and harken to His voice and guidance, through His Ruach and the confines of the Torah, our guide to His commandments.

We find ourselves acting like Pharaoh, one moment we experience the consequences of being away from the umbrella of a Torah living lifestyle, and we cry out in desperation. In His mercy we are rescued, and we see His mighty hand at work, then as Pharaoh we harken our hearts we act as a stiff neck people and disregard His mercy. Pharaoh knew the power of YHVH he could see it and feel it, yet he chose not the obey, why one may ask, knowing with the mind is not enough. Head knowledge is shallow it lacks depth and substance, it definitely lacks life. Its like salvation through Yeshua, head knowledge of Him is not enough, one must be willing to humble oneself and recognise Him as Lord, Adon, Master. Only then our hearts are ready for the receiving of the good news, the gospel, just like the parable of the sower. Some seed falls in good fertile ground, other by the road , yet other amongst thorns and or rocks Mark 4:2-41, only het that falls in good fertile ground is able to grow and yield fruit 100:1. Our Messiah and Master spent time on shabbat teaching and bringing life and healing amongst his brothers and sisters, before He departed He commanded us to do like wise, spread the word to immerse and to teach to keep His commandments, to keep His Torah, what are we doing?

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