Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Va'era - וארא : "And I appeared" Ex.6:2-9:35

Mankind is a funny species, we see with our eyes but we do not perceive with our heart.  We are always asking for a sign and a wonder, we are never satisfied with what is presented to our faces.  Pharaoh was no different to any other human being.  HaShem already knew what was in Pharaoh’s heart and gave Moses a heads-up.  Paraphrased, I am sending you to Pharaoh, but he is thick as the bricks the Israelites are making for him, that’s my interpretation between the lines, not in the scriptures.  Exodus 7:9: “When Pharaoh speaks to you, saying, ‘Perform a miracle!’ then you shall tell Aaron, ‘Take your rod, and cast it down before Pharaoh, that it become a monster.’”  In our current time line, we seek a new movement, the new buzz, and the new miracles that are being performed. We follow signs and wonders, instead of signs and wonders following us.  I say we because as a collective we are responsible for each other, and if we entertain the new movements we are partakers with them.

In this parasha we see something very interesting happening, HaShem has established that the only way we, His chosen people left Egypt was with a strong hand.  To that effect He had established ten plagues to Pharaoh, and his kingdom.  However the first three plagues also affected us, we were not spared.  At this stage you are probably thinking, what do you mean we, I was not there, that was a long time ago, how can you, say we? Let me elaborate here, I say we because some of us carry Abraham’s, Isaac’s and Jacob’s DNA, and those that are not carriers of this DNA, we are grafted into the vine through Messiah, we have been adopted into the family, His kingdom, and through Messiah we are one. 

So what occurred to our forefathers occurred to us across time, likewise what happened in the tree of judgment, brought redemption for all timelines.  The promise to Adam, to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David with their eyes fixed in the future promise, Messiah, they attained salvation on the promise, like wise we now look back to Messiah, we also attain salvation on the same promise, like our forefathers did.  So yes we experienced the first three plagues, we were delivered from Misrayim, we crossed the red sea, and we were in the wilderness.

The first three plagues were blood (Exodus 7:17-8:16), Frogs, lice or gnats.  Point of interest here, is the verse where it recounts that the Egyptians were digging around near the Nile for water, for the first plague lasted seven days.  I have heard many stories as to why and how the water turned into blood could be explained in human terms, that which we do not understand we want to fill the void the vacuum, with what we know.  One such case, is the fact that it is now accepted, that the cause of the red blood colour, came from a volcano erupting.  However if this is the case, the miracle then, is the fact that wooden and clay vessels with water also turned into blood, I presume, that some of them would have been covered and indoors, well away from the volcano.  The Egyptians digging around for water from a decree from HaShem reminds me of how, sometimes we defy HaShem, and try to do our own will, on something that He has already established, doing it our own way, we even have a famous song about it, I did it my way! Furthermore, when we are giving the chance to be relieved of the self inflicted burden in our life, we choose to wait till tomorrow for relieve, Exodus 8:10, and Pharaoh said Tomorrow.  Additionally, once we receive the relief we also stink for a while, that which was afflicting us has a lasting effect.

It is well understood in the Jewish realm that Blood is synonymous to judgment and wine to celebration.  Another well understood imagery is that Moses was a type and in a way a messiah, a deliverer.  Here we have two occasions, one the waters are turned into blood, a sign of judgment to Egypt for the treatment of YHVH’s first-born Israel, blessed be His name.  For those of us, that believe and support Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah, we see that his first sign was to turn water into wine, a celebration for the wedding feast and a celebration for the redemption to come.  In both occasions the redemption is preceded by blood and wine synonyms of judgment and celebration, same redemption and same salvation.

Up to this point it is worthy of pointing out that it was quite curious, that the magicians contributed to the pain and suffering of the land and its people, however from the plagues of the lice or gnats, the magicians could not do likewise.  The first three were widespread and clear demonstration that HaShem was in control to all parties involved, His children that did not know him by name, as well as the oppressors. However the time came when and where HaShem made the distinction between the chosen people, His people and the rest.  There was a clear demarcation between the peoples cohabitating the land of Egypt.  Are we not a chosen people and a holy nation of priest, not of this world but of the world to come?  Have we begun to experience that demarcation, that separation between the world and HaShem’s kingdom citizens? Take a moment and reflect on these questions, for they determine how we live our lives.

The rest of this parasha deals with that significant demarcation between His people and the rest of the world.  However even in that demarcation we find the compassion of HaShem, in fact he advices and admonishes the people, that one of his plagues he wants to protect property and animals and life.  He does not want people to perish for sake of perishing but rather He is after the safety of all souls that are willing and of their own free will, come under his Kingdom authority.  Those that chose not to heed His words, lost property or perished themselves.  What happened to us then, happens to us now, we have the choice, we are the ones that determines at what stage are we come under, the first three plagues, or are we now a set apart, a holy nation a priestly nation at His service. Are we in Goshen, under his protection or are we in Egypt proper, still struggling against HaShem?

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