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פינחס — “Pinchas”

פינחס    “Pinchas”

 Bamidbar (Numbers) 25:10 – 30:1

Sometimes in life there are moments that defines you, in the case of Pinchas, not only it defined him, but also brought about a blessing that was to go down through generations to come until this day.  This is Parasha is well known I have hear many teachings and sermons from pastors leaders and rabbi’s alike.  I guess this next few lines add to the many faces of the Torah. One question one has to ask when reading the event that took place, did Pinchas just reacted right there and then, did he got a holy revelation there or did it start much earlier than that. 

It is my observation, and I ask the reader or listener to consider this, his actions were the result of a chain of events that defined his character, which made him whom he was.  These are some of possible influences that made Pinchas, his mother, his father, the time in the wilderness, the witnessing of YHVH power, Moshe’s teaching, his elders, etc.  Another observation would be, what about the rest of the people, that were present, where were they when they saw that blatant act of defiance and arrogance? It seems that in some cases we get paralyzed like those goats that cannot take the act of being scared and then freeze.  What ever the case may have been it was Pinchas that took action and removed the sin, the sinners and saved lives with one action. The application to us in our days, what in our lives are causing us to stand before HaShem in defiance that need being speared through the back and through the belly?  What action we need to take in our life, our daily living to remove the sin.  Here we have a spiritual application and a physical one as well.  Spiritually we recognize and repent; physically we build a fence around that which is causing us to stumble, that way we are spearing that which is causing us to rebel against HaShem.

Another area of this parasha is the counting of the children of Israel once again. We could talk about some of the significance and why some tribes had lower numbers than in the first counting, but lets look at this from a different angle.  It is interesting that this seems to be part of the process of handing over and closing one’s account after a period of managing a business.  This kind of reminds me of the ten talents Midrash.  What have you done with that which I have entrusted you with? The ledger book opened and a transaction is about to take place, accounts to be matured, Moses knew that his time was near and that whomever was about to take over would need a reckoning before he could continue with the mantle of leadership.  This brings us the Moses prayer, who can lead this people so that they are not like a flock of sheep without a shepherd. HaShem’s response was to choose Yehoshua, and the reason was that the Ruach (Spirit) was in him.

This was followed by reiterating that which was given at Mt Sinai and through out the time of wandering in the wilderness.  The instructions are:  the Moedim that is the feast, Shabbat the day of rest, korban how to offer an approaching gifts to most high God.  In other words all the requirements that YHVH had set for His chosen people, which He had entered into covenant with.  This was to set them as priestly nation to serve him so that the rest of the world would know of the greatness of the one true God HaShem et Adonai.

Questions now arises, we have the Torah that teaches us how we should live.  We have the knowledge of who is the Messiah, and how we should serve him.   These are the questions that we all have to answer individually additionally as community, as a nation, and as a chosen people.  Am I acting like Pinchas in my own life and with those around us? No I am not saying go to Bunnings or Wal-Mart and make yourself a spear and start shish-kebabing people, no that is not the case! But rather as instructed in the scriptures come around in love and not in condemnation and correct your brother and sister.  It takes courage, because if not done properly you may end up loosing a friend, a brother, a sister, or even a mentor.  Additionally we need to be like Yehoshua, full of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), so that we may lead our families our work environment, wherever our soles of our feet touch, that is our field of battle.  How are you filled with the Ruach? Simple calculate the cost, make a willful action and come into covenant with Yeshua our Messiah and the rest is taken care.  Like Yehoshua who was chosen to lead a chosen nation, are we ready to go onto battle and victory to conquer, that which is in front of us, ready for the challenge??  Shalom

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  1. I find it wonderful that the LORD rewarded Pinchas by granting him a "covenant of peace" and the covenant of perpetual priesthood. Good for him ey.. BUT I believe this also illustrates the potential to join a priestly nation that has been granted a covenant of peace should we also follow HIS instructions with passion.