Thursday, October 15, 2015

Noach “Rest”

Noach “Rest” Gen 6:9-11:32

Creator vs. destroyer, contrast to last week Parashah of Bereshit where we have the story of creation by an almighty divine being, we have the opposite in this Parashah of Noach, where we’ll see that same creator destroy almost everything and everyone in a universal judgment over the world. We have already read last week in Gen 6:5-6 “And the Lord saw that the evil of man was great in the earth and every imagination of his heart was only evil all the time. And the Lord regretted that He had made man upon the earth, and He became grieved in His heart. And the Lord said, "I will blot out man, whom I created, from upon the face of the earth, from man to cattle to creeping thing, to the fowl of the heavens, for I regret that I made them." So we see man’s wickedness has increased to the point that every impulse of his innermost thought was only for evil and this master creator decides to obliterate humanity of the face earth. For someone who might be reading the bible for the first time, one might think that this creator is just as much into destroying things as He’s into creating things. But really what we see here is that; just as He created the world with everything in it with the intent to be perfect, Elohim/God will bring back that initial intention of perfection through His creation and especially by some certain individuals that we will start to see in this week’s reading of parashah Noach.
 It’s with this mindset that Elohim will be working His restoration process through divine providence involving this first person Noach. The first question that I would ask is ok, why Noach? Torah tells us in Gen 6:8 “But Noach found favor in the eyes of the Lord.” Well appropriately he was also named by his father Lamech who said “"This one will give us rest from our work and from the toil of our hands from the ground, which the Lord has cursed." (Gen 5:29). In the first reading Gen 6:9-22 Elohim himself take note by saying that “Naoch was a righteous man, blameless in his age, who walked with God”. The apostle Shimon calls him a “preacher of righteousness” who called his generation to repent, in 2 Pet 2:5. The Psalmist says in Psalm 89:14 “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Loving kindness and truth go before You.” As such this one person Noach also points us to and is a type of Messiah who saves the world and gives comfort and rest. The name of Noach also means “comforter”, which is a form of “Menachem”. Jewish sages of old have confirmed that Menachem is one of the names of Messiah, according to midrash commentaries in Lam.1:16 ““For these things I weep; my eye, my eye runs down with water; Because the Comforter who should refresh my soul is far from me: My children are desolate, because the enemy has prevailed.” Another reference to be associated to Messiah is an unusual repetition of Noach’s name in Gen 6:9, coming from a Messianic Judaism connection to allude to a second coming of messiah. Truly we see redemption of the known world thru Noach, but also towards the last of this Parashah we’re introduced to Abram, who is also mention as "walking with God "and will continue this restoration process to bring us to a bigger picture and purpose of our creator and His redemptive plan.

 So yes the God of the bible is in the business of creation, but in order to accomplish a perfect creation with perfect individuals that have a free choice, He must offer us a path and a savoir to accomplish this. In our limited finite mind we can’t comprehend why the process has to involve destruction, but commonsense would lead us to believe that if we individuals have corrupted this creation, then that corruption must be destroyed. Ultimately the creator and Master of the universe will have to intervene with a plan that we must follow, if only we decide to accept His calling to do so! And this is yet a grander work of creation in ourselves that He initiates.

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